Discover a New Entertaining Party Card Game and Play Right Now for Free

Bored of the same old repetitive and expensive party games? Play Card Twister and discover over 12 categories of fun-filled cards in both the free and paid sets, adding more variety to your night and having your friends gagging for more!

Get lucky (or unlucky) with brand new and highly controversial cards that will break the ice at your party and leave people talking about the night for months to come.

‘First Orders’ Card Set

Start your night off right with the 'First Orders' card set, absolutely free.

Suitable to play with anyone; your friends, your work, or even your family.

The First Orders card set contains hundreds of hilarious cards, containing the same variety of categories as the paid sets ensuring your party is entertained the entire night!

New shoot your shot

It's Going to Get Steamy

Crank up the thermostat with the XXX card set.

Prepare yourself for a sinful night with cards that hold nothing back. Find out how shameless your friends really are with questions that will expose their most scandalous secrets.

This provocative deck is suitable to play with only your most depraved friends.

New spooning

Feel Like the Cards Were Written Just for You

Relive hypnotic memories of your childhood with the 'Generation Z' Card set.

Uncensored and wholly inappropriate.

New embarrasing story

Card Categories.

We pride ourselves in our huge variety of card categories available in each game to keep you entertained for longer.

Face Off


Wink Murder

Heads or Tails

Most Likely to

Never Have I Ever

Truth or Dare

Let's Roll

Spin the Bottle

Best Story Wins

Tongue Twisters

Two Truths and a Lie

Let's Vote


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