About Us

Hello, you depraved souls! We're the creators of Card Twister, the mobile game that will make you question your sanity and your sense of humor.

Card Twister came to life during the long, drawn-out months of the Covid-19 lockdowns. As restrictions began to lift, we wanted something fun to do whilst hanging out with friends in our back gardens. However, we were disappointed by the buggy, bland, and overpriced mobile party games available. So we decided to create our own game and put all of our twisted humor and creativity into it.

We know you'll appreciate our dark sense of humor and depraved take on everyday life. Sometimes you just need to let loose and have a good laugh, and Card Twister delivers just that. Join us on this wild ride and see just how outrageous the game can get!

How to Play

With Card Twister, you just need to download the app, invite your friends, and click start. The cards will give you challenges or ask questions with easy instructions. Complete them to avoid penalties!

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