What is Card Twister

Card Twister is a brand new iOS and Android card-based party game with 12 categories of fun filled cards that will have you and your friends gagging for more.

Each game provides a variety of different types of cards available, including the following:

  • Categories
  • Stories
  • Charades
  • Most likely to
  • Never have I ever
  • Truth or dare
  • Spin the bottle
  • Tongue twister
  • Face off
  • Vines
  • Wink murder
  • Two truths and a lie

How to Play?

  • Choose a set and add your friends.
  • Complete challenges and avoid penalties!
  • Press the ? in game at any time for help.

Is Card Twister Free?

  • You can play lots of cards in our free set without paying
  • If you want to enhance your experience, you can expand your game by purchasing a subscription to one of our monthly sets

How Do I Play Categories Cards?

Take turns to say something that falls within the category without repeating an answer in under five seconds, or take a penalty.

For example, if the category is 'Pizza Toppings', you might say 'Ham/Pineapple/Pepperoni...'.

How Do I Play Charades Cards?

Act out the charade without speaking whilst other players try to guess what the card says.

If they get it correct in time, they can give out three penalties.

Players take one penalty for each incorrect guess. If no one guesses correctly, everyone takes a penalty!

How Do I Play Face Off Cards?

Close your eyes and do not discuss the card. If you think the card is most suited to you, raise your hand to vote for yourself.

If only one of you raise a hand, you are safe. If both or neither of you raise a hand, each take a penalty.

How Do I Play Tongue Twister Cards?

Read the Tongue Twister out loud, slowly to the group.

Then try to say it quickly, the number of times specified.

If you don't manage to say it clearly, without hesitation or mistake, you must take a penalty!

How Do I Play Would You Rather Cards?

Vote for the option you'd rather on the count of three.

Raise your hand to vote for the first option, keep your hand down to vote for the second option.

Count up the votes. Those on the least popular side, take a penalty. If its a tie, everyone take one.

How Do I Play Two Truths and Lie Cards?

Player 1 tell Player 2 two things that are true and one lie, without giving away which is the lie.

Player 2 must decide which is the lie without asking questions.

If Player 2 is correct, Player 1 must take a penalty. If Player 2 is incorrect, they must take the penalty.

How Do I Play Stories Cards?

Chosen players will take turns to tell guided stories with set goals, i.e. 'funniest story wins'

The rest of the players will then vote on the winner. The player with the least votes must take a penalty.

How Do I Play Challenge Cards?

Spin the Wheel, Roll the Dice, Flip the Coin and Challenges are games of luck.

Tap the button to determine your fate. Complete all challenges posed to avoid taking penalties!

How Do I Play Never Have I Ever Cards?

Read out the statement on the card.

Any player who has never done the statement on the card before, must take the specified number of penalties.

How Do I Play Most Likely To Cards?

On three, point at the player most likely to fit the description on the card.

The player with the most votes must take the penalties!

How Do I Play Wink Murder Cards?

You'll be assigned a role: civilian, detective or murderer. The murderer's job is to wink at civilians to kill them. The detective must catch the murderer before all civilians die!

Players walk around quietly. If winked at, they must act out a dramatic death. At any time, the detective can say who they think is the murderer.

If correct, the murderer must take a penalty, otherwise they must take a penalty.

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