12 Great 'Never Have I Ever' Questions

Never have I ever is a game most people have been playing since their mid-teen years. It's a great ice breaker to find out more about the people playing and usually gets a high degree of honesty, especially when played with alcohol.

Here are 12 great questions to get you started, ranging from mild to spicy:

  1. Bought clothes knowing a friend already owned them.
  2. Dated a friend’s ex.
  3. Faked an orgasm.
  4. Had a criminal record.
  5. Said “I love you” without feeling it.
  6. Thought someone in this room was extremely attractive.
  7. Stolen from a shop.
  8. Been to a nudist beach.
  9. Peed in a hot tub with other people in it.
  10. Had a threesome.
  11. Dumped someone over text.
  12. Approached someone you thought was attractive and given them your number.

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