15 Category Game Questions

How to Play

One player begins the game by choosing a category (eg makes of cars). The game continues round in a circle with each player naming something from that category (eg Fiesta) until a player either repeats what has already been said or can’t think of one within three seconds.

This player loses and drinks.

Here are some great ideas to get the ball rolling:

  1. Things you pack in a suitcase to take on holiday.
  2. Names of festivals in Europe.
  3. Things that can fly.
  4. Animals beginning with the letter…
  5. Songs by … (i.e. Michael Jackson)
  6. Colours.
  7. Things that are red that you would find in an office.
  8. Common ways of saying hello in English.
  9. Things you would find in a school classroom.
  10. Pick up lines.
  11. Topping for a pizza.
  12. Synonyms for … (i.e. synonyms for big)
  13. Brands of trainers (i.e. Adidas)
  14. Names of Harry Potter Movies (i.e. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets)
  15. Brands of Vodka (i.e. Grey Goose)

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