5 Types of People At Every Party

How many of these 5 types of people do you recognise at every party?

1. The Overly Emotional One

Where some people like to sing and dance after a drink or five, this person likes to remind you how amazing everyone is, or how terrible their ex was.

With prolonged monologues only broken by bouts of tears, this person will tell you tirelessly their life drama like it’s their final moments on earth, with nothing to be left unsaid.

2. The Boxer

Who needs Tyson Fury when you’ve got Dave from your local boozer.

Jabbing his way into every conversation his fighting prowess and a story of the last drunken scrap he had, he will be the first to take things the wrong way after one to many stellas.

3. The One Can Warrior

One to watch, especially around the table of drinks, this person will be a lot of first at every party. The first one drunk, first one sick, first one to fall asleep hunched over the toilet (if you're lucky to get them there in time!)

Always a good laugh whilst their slurred, spluttered speech is still understandable.

4. The Predator

You all know the type; sleazy, slutty, and aggressively bad at taking a hint. This person came to this party with one thing in mind and one thing only.

Watch yourself with this one, morals aren’t their strong point.

5. The Paparazzi

Was a night even a good night without 3472 blurry photos added to your camera roll? How will you remember that shot you had without a half-full gallery to remind you?

Although it may be irritating stopping what you’re doing to take a barrage of photos, you will thank them in the morning when you are trying to piece together your hazy memories of the night before with just these photos as your clues.

Smile, you will thank them one day when you’re trying to remind people how much hair you used to have.

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