A Checklist of Everything You Want for Festivals

Discover the essential festival must-have items that will help you let your hair down and forget about the humdrum of everyday life.

  • Your ID (for buying alcohol and confirming that the ticket is yours)
  • Your festival ticket/wristband
  • Face Wipes. These are a top-tier festival supply
  • The best sleeping bag you can afford to buy
  • Spare shoes. Festivals can get very muddy and wet and a change of shoes can stop your feet from getting into a bad way and keep the party going.
  • A portable speaker
  • The largest portable charger you can afford. This lets you charge both your phones and any portable speakers
  • A decent camping chair
  • A padlock to secure your camping chair inside your tent when you are not sitting in it (it will get stolen fast if you don’t!)
  • A reusable water bottle
  • An air mattress. This keeps you comfy and stops you from getting wet if your tent does leak
  • Sun cream
  • Toilet roll. The ones found in the public toilets usually get soaked early on.
  • A torch
  • A hat
  • Cereal bars/other quick snacks
  • Tinned fruit. Incredibly refreshing first thing in the morning
  • A waterproof coat
  • A disposable camera

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