How to Set Up the 5 Most Important Social Media Accounts for Your Startup

Social Media is the beating heart of marketing in the 21st Century. It allows you to connect with your current customers and brings you in front of your future customers. It’s also the first thing that most people will look at when looking your company up online.

It’s crucial to secure your company’s name on every social media platform possible, even if you do not plan to use it. This prevents malicious users from impersonating your company. It also allows you to expand to these platforms without difficulty if you decide to do so in the future.

Key Platforms

Here are the platforms which we see as key to registering your company as of 2022:


You will not need a separate account, just a page to be created from your normal personal Facebook account -


You must create the account first by registering a new personal account, then migrate it to a business account -

Tok Tok

To begin, press the “Create New” button in the navigation bar (top right) -


You can sign up for an account here -


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