5 Reasons You'll Love Boomtown Festival

Boomtown is an annual music festival held at the start of August at Matterley Estate near Winchester, Hampshire that’s wild enough to blow the mind of even the most experienced party animal.

Here’s what you need to know before going:

1. What Genre of Music is Played?

2. What is the Food Like?

3. Is it Easy to Find Your Way Around?

4. What are the Toilets Like?

5. Why Boomtown is a Mind-Blowing Festival?

1. What Genre of Music is Played

There were so many stages that there was quite a variety of music playing at any given time. The music genre played generally depended on the theme of the stages, here are the ones I remember seeing:

  • Trance Music - Generally in the stages that are found in the woods
  • Drum and Bass Music - Playing at different times at every stage. It will be playing on at least one of the main stages at all times
  • Reggae Music - There was one particular stage that hosted primarily reggae music. This isn’t something I usually spend a big amount of time listening to so it was really nice to experience something new.

2. What is the Food Like

I tried several different types of food over the time I was there. The best was massive Yorkshire puddings filled with a full roast dinner.

All meals tasted closer to restaurant-quality food than festival food. This was surprising considering the quantity they have to produce.

3. Is it Easy to Find Your Way Around?

You can feel confident exploring Boomtown without worrying about getting lost.

Instead of paper maps that are hard to follow, Boomtown has developed an app to help you navigate and find your friends wherever you are!

Throughout the whole event, none of my group got lost even once or missed any of the acts we went for, which is tremendously impressive considering the size of the grounds.

If you’re worried about this draining your battery life, they also rent out portable chargers at a reasonable price. You pay for the charger and leave an additional £10 deposit which you can claim back at the end by returning the chargers.

4. What are the Toilets Like

The toilets at Boomtown weren’t as bad as some of those at other festivals I have been to, but they weren’t exactly rose fragranced and sparkling either.

I decided to spend a little extra and get the pass to enter the ‘posh toilets’ before going and it was more than worth it. There’s nothing quite like having a hot shower when you wake up hungover at a festival.

5. Why Boomtown is a Mind-Blowing Festival

When it comes to making your trip memorable and mind-blowing, the devil is in the detail.

When you first approached Boomtown, you'd be forgiven for thinking it was a bustling and permanent city center you were walking towards, instead of a prop town. Rumour has it that the festival even hires actors to play memorable roles, like the town drunks.

The other thing that makes this festival so exciting is the number of hidden things going on at any time that is kept a secret. You can find Boomtown dollars (which I’m still unsure how to spend), hidden hammocks in trees, and secret hidden raves inside of train carts.

It really brings out your inner explorer and is what makes Boomtown so mind-blowing and certainly one you shouldn’t miss!

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