Top 10 Party Theme Ideas

Party planning is hard, these 10 great party theme ideas will make your planning slightly easier!

1. Black and White Outfits Only

This gives large diversity to the options that can be worn to the party and allow people to use their ingenuity.

2. Costume Starting With the First Letter of Your Name

This theme ensures a large variety of costumes allowing people to go for a variety of things; animals, horror, or really think outside the box.

3. Pimps and Hookers/Playboy Theme

Time to bring out the bulky chains and short skirts - this is the perfect theme for a fun-filled night.

4. Heroes vs Villains

Are you a Superman / Superwoman or a Wicked Witch / Hannibal Lecter type? Whichever it is, this is a great theme to showcase that.

5. Cops and Robbers

Handcuffs at the ready, this is always a great theme to get everyone vibing.

6. Classic Horror Films

Great for Halloween, even better for a random occasion mid-year to jump out from the norm.

7. Toga Party

Dress like the Romans do, and try and drink as much as one too! Toga … Toga … Toga!

8. Pyjama Party

9. Meme Party

This is for Generation Z’s out there, show your biting sense of humor with this modern-day theme!

10. Tight and Bright

Bringing out the best of the 80s with a simple and cheap to follow theme.

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