Top 5 Drinking Games to Play Without Cards

1. Card Twister (Of Course)

Card Twister redefines variety when it comes to party games. Select your players and spice up your night in an instant.

With each game you will be given a question or game from any of the below classic or custom party games:

... with more to come.

You can try it for free on IOS -

  • Charades
  • Most likely to
  • Never have I ever
  • Truth / Dare
  • Spin the bottle
  • Tongue twisters
  • Finish the vine
  • Vote categories (thumbs up, thumbs down)
  • Wink Murder
  • Two Truths and a Lie

2. Beer Pong - Portal Pong Mode

Just in case you don’t know how to play classic beer pong, I will start here.

  1. Arrange the cups into a 10 pyramid formation on either side of the table, half-filled with alcohol.
  2. Grab a ping pong ball, and take turns as teams throwing the ball at the other side’s cups from either end of the table. If you manage to get the ball in the cup, the other team must drink.
  3. The game is over when one team has got the ball into each of the other team’s cups.
  4. The losing team must drink any cups remaining on the winner's side of the table.

Portal Pong:

This twist adds another level of intrigue to the game. In your pyramid of 10, each team may choose one cup as their ‘portal’. This one should be filled with a different liquid to the others, usually spirits.

If the other team gets the ball in this cup, they must down your ‘portal’ cup, and both teams switch sides of the table; getting the other team's cups.

Both teams must try to avoid this cup until it is the last cup on the table if they do not wish to switch cups. Only once all other cups have been successfully hit, can a team get the ball in this cup without having to switch sides and therefore win the game.

3. The Wizard Drinking Game

The wizard drinking game requires a lot of drinks in cans, usually beer or cider.

Each time a player finishes their drink, they can duct tape this empty can on top of all of their previously finished cans. This becomes the players ‘staff’.

The number of cans on your staff determines what level you are. A player with four cans duct taped together is a level 4 Wizard, for instance.

The highest level wizard can choose a rule that must be followed at all times, with the punishment for not following being a shot. All players must also refer to this player as the ‘Grand Wizard’, failure to do so also results in a penalty shot.

When another player overtakes the number of cans ducted taped together that the ‘Grand Wizard’ has, the previous rule made is void and they can set a new rule.

4. Never Have I Ever

This game is very simple to play.

Players take turns to say ‘Never have I ever…’ followed by a statement of something they have never done before.

Any player who has done this must drink.

The game then continues, and the next player in the circle takes their turn to ask the room a ‘Never have I ever…’ question.

5. 21 (Vignt Et Un)

Players stand in a circle, and one player starts the game by saying ‘I propose a game of Vignt et un to my (left or right)’. Followed by a sequential series of numbers. They can say up to three numbers per go (i.e. 1, 2, 3).

Each player in the circle in the direction previously said must continue the sequence, reciting the next one to three numbers from where the last player left off (i.e. 4, 5, 6).

  • Saying one number continues the game in the direction around the circle it was currently going
  • Saying two numbers reverses the direction the game is going around the circle
  • Saying three numbers continues the game in the direction around the circle it was going, but skips a player.

If any player hesitates for more than three seconds, or makes a mistake, they must take a sip, and the game starts again.

If a player says 21, they must finish their drink, and can set a rule.

Examples of rules are:

  • Everytime you want to say the word ‘three’, you must wink instead.
  • Everytime you end your sequence on an even number, you must drink.

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